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Monash Univeristy

Architecture 2019 

Tutors:  Luca Lana

Be it the Mexico/US border North and South

Korea or The Pacific solution walls/borders

front national anxieties. These are imagined

as sites of provocation and their materiality

our canvas, the studio will closely research

and map these contested sites and

propose alternative provocations.

Studio ‘Walls’ will ask participants to design

at object, spatial, and architectural scales

with each relating to broader cosmopolitan

mapping. The studio will have no explicit

programming beyond that of building a suite

of projects that optimistically challenge the

site's current conditions. Tectonics, details,

model making will be key in keeping the semester

theme of materialising architecture



Diba Behshad

Liyun Chen

Nadia  Esrafilian-Soltani

Ayden John Fiore

Riley Josh Inglis

Jialing Ji


Jackson Miller-Gage

Chun Keong 

Rachel  Parker

Seyed Mojtaba Pegah

Arran Thornton Roxburgh

Matthew Smith

Christopher John Van Corler

Haoran Yuan

Xingyu Zhao

Jin Zhong

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