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urban adornments

RMIT  University

Interior Architecture, Tech 2016 

Tutors:  Pip Lyons & Luca Lana


Participants were invited to critically engage with a particular part of the city and present a permanent design response; an urban adornment. 

Successful designs had a strong contextual understanding of site with deep acknowledgment of the layering of the Intimate, social, historical and political. Participants were asked to test and produce technical drawings of their proposals.




Siyi He

Hayley James

Park Jeaseo

Yimin Lau (Chelsey)

Pik Seng Law (Edison)

Zhi Yin Lee

Man Yee Leow (Emerly)

Michael Lorentius

Hugo Ly

Quynh Truong

Shimin Wu

Chi Zhang

Wong Ka Mun

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