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Steam Forum

Steam forum was the built component of 2018 masters elective Wet Dreams  at Monash University. Steam Forum explores public bathing cultures as sites of reflective conversation, healing and freedom of expression. Installed as a mobile bathhouse, visitors are invited into intimate sensory and spatial conditions to relax and create space for disarmed conversation. Each day, the bathhouse hosted voices from the LGBTIQ+  community and beyond, presenting performances and leading conversations within the space. The event was presented as part of Monash University’s Diversity & Inclusion Week program.




Steam forum speakers:


Luke King

Mossy 333

Triana Hernandez

Léuli Eshrāghi

Euphemia Russell

Isobel D'cruz





Emma Barrett

Jacob Cutri

Zoe Fayman

Lauren  French

Amanda Luu

Alex Macdonald

Gamze Oguz

(Oliver) Jean-ChristophePetite

Stacey Van de Bunt

Xueting Wu

Siying Xiang



Evergreen electrics

Water worx



Commission for Clayton Mpavilon:

Brendand Mcclrearly 





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