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radical heterotopias 

MADA  Monash University

Architecture 2018-Current 

Tutors:  Luca Lana

Heterotopia is a term used by philosopher Michel Foucault to describe spaces that often site outside or in contrast to hegemonic influence.   Many Queer spaces such as bathhouses, nightclubs, beats, gatherings in domestic spaces are strong representations of heterotopic space. The analysis of these spaces is not always informed by architectural plans but broader analysis of atmospheres, thresholds and other actors.  Critically engaging with the role of the atmosphere has in the creation of heterotopic space we look to Architectural theorist David Gissen who pursues a broader anti-modern discussion by exposing a range of atmospheres that are excluded from the mainstream profession. Consequently, if these excluded elements play an influential role in the formation of many queer heterotopic spaces the harnessing of them can contribute to creating radical architectural propositions.

Analysing queer spaces; the nightclub, the park and the pool and the community space, participants will critically engage with these sites gleaning the architectural qualities that aid in the sites ability to perform as a heterotopic space.   This research then will inform a speculative design for next years NGVs Architectural commision.


Hayden  Brown
Layla Wang
Leia Parascandalo
Joelle Leong
 Jessica Cathcart
 Kate  Bradley
Anqi  Wang
Sophia  Hawkins
Inuri  Liyanage
Nadia Esrafilian Soltani
Edwin Lim
Christopher  Christopher  Ling
Harrison Capper
Isha  Misra
Ji  Jialing
Chan  Aung Wai i

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