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MADA  Monash University

Interior Architecture 2017 

Tutors:  Darius Le, Luca Lana

Studio Q House will research Queer space and its potential to speculate on Architectural/ spatial

futures. Participants will consider an expanding definition of ‘queer space’ and take a critical

approach to how architecture can act as a progressive social agitator. Q pavilion asked participants to design speculative interrogations of the Gallery with the semester's research and theoretical positioning culminating in 1 to 1 works and speculative propositions for Brunswick Street Galleries' Pride exhibition.

The investigation of queer spaces was not dictated by architectural archaeology but an analysis

of atmospheres and meaning and that of inherently flexible spaces resulting in an engaging suite of works.




Natasha Bertram

Andrew Ma

Daryl Neff

Kai Fang Ong

Anne Wagner

Jonty Clare Turner

Zipei (Abbey)Liu

Ningqiong  Wang

Vera Yao

Harry Guan



Alice Fong

Daniela Bassin

Yudhistira Ali

Ziyi Zhang

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