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brunswick - new relic  

Collaboration with Pip Lyons to create a public work.  Referencing Brunswick’s pre-colonial industrial and migrant history, the relic utilises contextual material and forms to acknowledge the multicultural backdrop of contemporary Brunswick that new residents continue to be drawn and welcomed into. 


The forms broken relic aesthetic is a reflection of the physical and intellectual erasure of southern European architecture in the wider Moreland district. The sculpture forms a picturesque curio as people approach the station, and intern it becomes a theatrical backdrop empowering the new public space. 


Indigenous Australian flora will cascade over the classical Augustinian arch and extended form; both reclaiming space within the cultural landscape of Brunswick. The morphology of erasure and growth is representative of the once unaffected land of the Wurundjeri tribe through to the industrial blue color workforce of factories and workshops to the varied creative community that largely occupies Brunswick 




Pip Lyons, Luca Lana



Pip Lyons, Luca Lana



Beth Ellen Wilkinson, C3 Gallery




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